How Hope Leads to Success

Editor’s note: We originally shared this article in December of 2015 and it remains a popular description of why St. Jude League Community Development programs are so important. Thank you for all you do to help spread hope to those who need it most.

St. Jude League Community Development programs work to positively impact the community by addressing a number of serious issues, such as the educational achievement gap, community violence, generational poverty, and food insecurity. But in addition to addressing those issues, they also serve the important purpose of providing a source of hope for the people they serve.

Hope is not just a positive emotion; it plays an important role in helping people meet their goals.  Psychology Today describes hope as a motivational system consisting of the determination to achieve one’s goals and strategies for meeting them. Hope gives a person the agility to keep working toward a goal even when obstacles arise and the original strategy for meeting the goal will no longer work.