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Since opening in 1979, Claret Center has offered reasonably priced psychological therapy and counseling by licensed and experienced professionals to those in need. The staff of licensed, certified professionals offers a psychotherapy program that can reduce depression, anxiety, and addiction; heal emotional wounds; improve relationships; and improve communication and leadership skills.

The psychological testing services at the center are directed by licensed clinical psychologists and help adults and children identify and receive the services they need to thrive and heal. The center uses a sliding payment scale and works with insurance companies and Medicare to ensure that their services remain affordable to all who might not otherwise be able to seek treatment.

Therapeutic and medical professionals gain experience with the Claret Center’s workshop series and internship program. In the center’s annual psychotherapy internship and practicum, the interns act as counselors in nearby Catholic parishes while working with veteran members of Claret Center’s staff. Nurses, doctors, and hospice workers also participate in workshops at the center to broaden their treatment base by exploring art and music therapies.

Members of religious communities also benefit from the internship program. The center offers a spiritual director internship and practicum lasting nine months to help those called to ministry to care for themselves and the people they serve. They also offer one-on-one counseling, retreats, and workshops on topics relevant to religious life.

The Claret Center’s influence is wide-reaching. The center provides services to Claretian parishes in Chicago, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, and other communities that lack access to affordable psychological services. By providing accessible psychological services, individuals are able to seek help with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and the aftereffects of trauma related to violence and addiction.

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