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Claretian Associates

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Chicago, Illinois

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Claretian Associates has developed more than 130 affordable apartments and homes in a 12 block area in South Chicago since 1991, restoring more than 75 vacant lots to productive use. The South Chicago neighborhood is located about 15 miles south of the city’s Loop near the Illinois-Indiana border. Claretian Associates converts vacant lots and run-down buildings into new multi-family apartments, single-family homes, and open green space.

In addition to providing a range of services from weatherization programs to utility assistance to affordable and safe homes for over 3,000 families a year, Claretian Associates also supports leadership in the community and helps residents connect to schools, jobs, financial literacy workshops, home buyer education, tax preparation services, energy programs, and arts programs. The program emphasizes environmental conscientiousness by ensuring these new homes are energy efficient, and bringing together thousands of neighborhood residents at their yearly Green Summit to build awareness about environmental problems and solutions for the community.

Along with first-rate housing choices, Claretian Associates offers a variety of social services for low-income families. They aim to unite local and city-wide partners to address issues such as housing, unemployment, nutrition, education, and gardening, arts, and sports programs, as well as creating spaces for community youth to travel to school safely.

Claretian Associates also offer a series of outreach events, workshops, and information fairs, the program reaches hundreds of local residents annually free financial literacy classes and tax services.

Programs like Claretian Associates give local families access to resources to help them thrive. Your donation to the St. Jude League Community Development will help fund vital programs in our communities, like those at the Claretian Associates. Learn more about these issues and how the St. Jude League Community Development aids communities experiencing need on our Issues pages.