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Villa Guadalupe Senior Housing

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Chicago, IL

Donation Goal: $3,000




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For nearly 30 years, Villa Guadalupe has provided a variety of necessary services—including reasonably priced apartments, bilingual health and social services, and other activities—to seniors ages 55 and older in South Chicago. Its mission is to maintain and enhance the sense of dignity and quality of life of seniors by providing low cost housing and supportive services while encouraging a sense of security, self-sufficiency, and strong relationships with their community and their families.

The program offers affordable 1- or 2-bedroom apartments that include appliances, free gas heat, and an electricity allowance. On-site health services and physical therapy are also available to residents at no cost, along with case management, social programs, immigration services, and space for senior gatherings, community meetings, and family parties.

Through Villa Guadalupe, older adults can also participate in other recreational programs such as dance and exercise classes, holiday events, jewelry-making classes, and daytrips. Villa Guadalupe connects the seniors with nearby schools for programs involving multiple generations and offers assistance in finding job opportunities.

Villa Guadalupe also runs the Senior Center within the Victory Centre of South Chicago. Located two blocks away, the Center offers affordable meals, activities, and classes for seniors on every weekday.

The South Chicago neighborhood is located near the border between Illinois and Indiana, about 15 miles south of downtown. Affordable housing in this area is vitally important, as there are high rates of poverty among residents in the community.

Millions of Americans are exposed to prohibitively expensive rents, sub-standard living conditions, and health risks in their housing. This reality puts families—especially seniors—at risk for a number of illnesses, which are particularly dangerous for seniors living without affordable or consistent health care and medications. Programs like Villa Guadalupe help bridge the gap for seniors in South Chicago who face these challenges.

Your donation to the St. Jude League Community Development will help fund vital programs in our communities, like those at Villa Guadalupe. Learn more about these issues and how the St. Jude League Community Development aids communities experiencing need on our Issues pages.