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Introducing St. Jude League Community Development!

We are profoundly grateful for the gifts you share with us. Since 1929 the St. Jude League has been funding the efforts of the Claretian Missionaries to aid communities in need through programs addressing issues like education, social justice, migrants & refugees, and health & wellness.


St. Jude League Community Development programs, formerly known as the Claretian Initiative, are designed and run by people who live in the community to be responsive to a neighborhood’s specific needs. Our goal is to end the generational cycle of poverty and violence. Find out more about specific programs at www.stjudeleague.org.


We hope you’re as excited about St. Jude League Community Development as we are because we could use your help. Make a difference right away by supporting us, following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or forwarding this email.


St. Jude League Community Development programs accomplish so much because they are grounded in the neighborhoods, the streets, and the homes of the people they serve. Your impact is powerful and significant. Join us in building stronger, healthier communities!