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Your support allowed us to aid these programs!

Since 1929, the St. Jude League has been funding the efforts of the Claretian Missionaries to aid communities in need through programs addressing specific issues like supporting migrants & refugees. And despite the various challenges of the past year and a half, you never gave up hope, and through your efforts, St. Jude League Community Development was able to address the following needs:


  • Campesino Outreach serves eight migrant camps across Fresno County in California and ensures that the agricultural workers in these camps have enough food year-round to sustain themselves. Because of the seasonal nature of the agricultural work, the camps experience work stoppages between different crop seasons. During the stoppages, workers are not always able to meet their basic needs, including not even having enough food to eat.
  • Casa San Oscar Romero on the U.S./Mexico border helps stranded refugees in need of food, shelter, medicine, legal assistance, counseling, and educational resources for their children. Nearly forty refugees live at the shelter, with over half of them children. The shelter also assists other stranded migrants in temporary living situations with mattresses and bedding, clothing, and other basic needs.


These are only some of the ways which St. Jude League Community Development programs address need. We encourage you to learn more about these programs and more by visiting our website or donate today and join us in making a difference!