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Campesino Outreach

St. Anthony Mary Claret Parish, Fresno, CA

Donation Goal: $3,000




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For over ten years, the Campesino Outreach at St. Anthony Mary Claret Parish in Fresno, California, has been providing for the needs of migrant workers in eight migrant camps in Fresno County. The workers come from all over Latin America—including Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras—and from other states in the U.S. to find work to provide for their families.

The Campesino Outreach tries to meet whatever needs arise in the camps. Volunteers from the parish visit the camps in teams of 2–4 people; at any given time there are usually six teams working on outreach, visiting the camps as often as possible. Volunteers distribute food, over-the-counter medications, warm jackets and other necessities, as well as assist the migrant workers in these camps in connecting with medical clinics to help them with more serious health needs.

With the support of Campesino Outreach, migrant workers residing in these camps have access to supplies to meet their needs continually, even when between cycles of agricultural work. Your donation to the St. Jude League Community Development will help fund vital programs in our communities, like those at Campesino Outreach. Learn more about these issues faced by Migrants & Refugees and how the St. Jude League Community Development aids communities experiencing need on our Issues pages.