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U.S. Catholic magazine (USC) has been putting faith in the context of everyday life for over 90 years. The publication began as The Voice of St. Jude magazine in 1935 by the Claretian Missionaries, a Roman Catholic religious community dedicated to preaching the gospel through social justice, and transformed into U.S. Catholic in 1963. USC has long sought to help readers apply their faith to their relationships, careers, parish concerns, and public influences. It honestly probes and challenges social issues and includes the voices of readers in each issue via letters and surveys, as well as articles written by lay Catholics from diverse backgrounds.



Inspired by Vatican II, USC consistently engages in the fight for racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and ecological rights and elevates the voices of minority community members. It seeks to dialogue with readers on hunger, poverty, gang and domestic violence, housing, parenting, healthcare, and education. It shies away from religious jargon and intellectualism and brings the voices of ordinary people to ordinary people who struggle with rough realities.

In addition, USC strives to reach more than just practicing Catholics; it reaches readers who might be disillusioned or uninterested in the church and shows them what the Catholic Church can be: a conduit of social justice.

USC’s print issues service both the U.S. and Canada, and its online issues reach almost 200,000 readers across the globe each month. In addition, the magazine’s web archive of articles and social media content continue to grow and reach more readers by the day. This content is vital for readers who are seeking informed dialogue from honest voices in the midst of today’s societal turmoil. Your donation to the St. Jude League Community Development program will help fund USC’s outreach. Learn more about how your donation can make a difference on our Issues pages.