Casa San Oscar Romero Needs Your Help!

Claretian Fr. Carl Quebedeux has worked in Juárez for the past few years building up operations at Casa San Oscar Romero, a shelter that provides food, medicine, legal assistance, counseling, and educational resources for its nearly 70 residents, over half of whom are children. Most of the refugees are small family groups from across Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Cuba who have sacrificed much to escape violence, poverty, or natural disaster.

Your generous donations this year have enabled Casa San Oscar Romero to add two extra shelter rooms, an extra bathroom, and laundry appliances for the people living in the shelter, radically improving their quality of life. THANK YOU!

But as the number of refugees grows at Casa Oscar Romero, so too does the financial support needed to help them. As the end of the year approaches, consider helping Casa San Oscar Romero with some of these vital supplies:

  • Shelter: Monthly utilities including electricity and water.
  • Employees: Wages for two employees running morning and evening operations.
  • Education: Elementary and secondary classes for the youth in the shelter.
  • Food: Healthy groceries such as fresh eggs, milk, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Medical Supplies: Basic medicines and PPE to restock after recent outbreaks of measles and COVID-19. Also, extra neurological care for children in the shelter who are disabled.
  • Basic living needs: Blankets, pillows, mattresses, and clothing.
  • Therapy: Counseling for those who have been through traumatic experiences, including violence and separation from loved ones.
  • Legal aid: Wages for U.S. lawyers for asylum hearings and a social worker to handle cases.

This holiday season, consider helping us fund vital programs for migrants and refugees, programs like Casa San Oscar Romero which make a tangible difference in the lives of hundreds of people. We invite you to find out more about Casa San Oscar Romero and offer your generous support. Join us in making a difference!