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Help those in need on the front lines in Ukraine. . .

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Donation Goal: $20,000

Since the beginning of the war, the United Nations refugee agency reports that more than 4 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine, with Poland alone accepting more than a million refugees.


In addition to their normal work, our Claretian brothers now serve the Ukraine humanitarian crisis as drivers, transporting mothers with children to the Polish border; organize food, clothing, and medicine; and provide money to those who fled with nothing. They are doing their best to stay safe, but the situation could change at any moment.


The Claretian Missionaries currently have three members working in the Ukrainian town of Truskavets, near the Polish border. Fr. Wojciech Kobylinski, C.M.F., Fr. Krzysztof Labedz, C.M.F., and Brother Marcin Kukus, C.M.F., have been helping refugees escape to Poland and supporting those who traveled west to flee the fighting in the east.


Your gift enables the missionaries in Truskavets to provide direct support to the Ukraine refugees. DONATE HERE to help the St. Jude League provide much-needed food, shelter, and medicine.