Uniforms for the Corpus Christi Youth Basketball League

Campaign Goal: $1,600

The Corpus Christi Youth Basketball League (CCYBL) in Stone Mountain, Georgia, is open to all youth from the surrounding community and provides scholarships and financial assistance whenever possible to ensure that no one is turned away. In recent years they have had to make do with uniforms that weren’t always up to regulations due to lack of funding. With our $1,600 goal, we will purchase new uniforms for the league’s 100 youth athletes. During their 10-game season, the league’s coaches teach their players the value of sportsmanship, hard work, practice, dedication, and respect for themselves and others. Research has shown that young athletes excel academically in almost every way you can think of—they have better grades and attendance, higher test scores, and lower dropout rates. They are also more likely to go to college. Playing a sport is good for their health, too. Besides being a regular source of exercise, youth involved in athletics are less likely to use drugs or smoke cigarettes.


Help ensure that the young athletes of CCYBL have the uniforms they need to learn, grow, and compete!

Woodshop at Holy Cross

Campaign Goal: $1,500

The woodshop at Holy Cross Parish in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood does a lot more than just teaching young people how to safely use tools. It teaches discipline, planning, and how to follow directions. It also gives children and teens a safe, supervised place to spend time with invested adult mentors during out-of-school hours. And it gives young people a creative outlet and an opportunity to express themselves through art. With the $1,500, we purchased a much-needed dust extractor and two additional scroll saws for the woodshop. These supplies will allow the woodshop to remain a stable source of mentoring, life skills education, and creativity for young people in this urban neighborhood.

Music Education for Little Ones Preschool

Campaign Goal: $1,500

Students at Little Ones Preschool in Stone Mountain, Georgia, do all the things most preschoolers do—practice their letters and numbers, learn to share and treat others with respect, and explore countless subjects through play. But unlike most other preschoolers in the U.S., many of Little Ones’ students are refugees from as many as 12 countries. And many of these young learners come from families with limited financial resources.  Music education enhances kids’ natural language abilities—which is particularly important for students who are just learning English—and can actually ‘re-wire’ the brain to help children learn more easily. The funds we raised were used to provide musical instruments and other hands-on activities for the school.

Microscopes for Our Lady of Guadalupe School

Campaign Goal: $1,500

Our Lady of Guadalupe School in South Chicago serves over 200 K-8- students in a community where 97% of residents qualify for free or reduced lunches. The school’s dedicated teachers partner with parents to give learners a high-quality education they might not otherwise be able to receive in their neighborhoods. This kind of access to high-quality education is one of the most effective and empowering ways to diminish poverty. With your help, we were able to purchase new microscopes for the middle-school science program at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Having basic science tools they need will help students prepare for ongoing education in high school and college.