Your gifts to Ukraine are making a difference!

Recently, we received a letter from the missionaries in Truskavets, Ukraine, who are directly helping refugees by offering them a safe place to stay, food and clothes, transportation to safety, and money for those who fled with nothing. Here’s what they said:

Dear Brothers, benefactors and friends,

I recently returned from my fifth trip in a car fully loaded with humanitarian aid for the needy in Ukraine. On this occasion, the following items were purchased and donated to the hospital in Borislav: surgical instruments, an ultraviolet lamp for decontamination of the operating room, bandages, and painkillers. We provided the military hospital in Truskavets with bandages, gauze, dressings, and painkillers. For the sisters of Boryslav, we donated bandages, painkillers, food (grains, oil, cereals), and gasoline. The sisters deliver these items to the families who come to them for help every day.

Some items were sent to the interior of Ukraine for the soldiers at the front: underwear, mosquito and tick repellent, and food (canned goods, sugar, and instant coffee). Assistance was provided to a family from Kharkiv, currently in Truskavets, through the purchase of food, hygienic items, sweets, and a donation of 550 euros to pay the rent for their apartment. For Fr. Christopher, pastor of the parish of Truskavets, I donated 2,500 euros ($2,600 USD) to help refugees who have placed their hope in the Church to receive the basic necessities of life. The total value of the fifth transport with transferred money was approximately 22,000 euros ($22,940 USD).

In Poland, we helped Ukrainian families in Warsaw, Tódź and Wrocław by supplying them with food and
hygiene products. On our next trip to Ukraine, we will bring orthotics and food, as well as the Volkswagen Caddy car we purchased for the elementary school in Pitburz (currently there are 40 children there, including orphans from eastern Ukraine).

Thank you very much for all the help you have given. It doesn’t always have to be material. Sometimes it takes a kind word of support, a letter, or a prayer to restore someone’s faith and will to live. Therefore, every form of support is valuable.


We send you a big thank you from many individuals and families for your kind hearts. You are also thanked by the soldiers, often ordinary men, who have left their families and their jobs to fight for the freedom of their homeland and their future.

Thank you!
Brother Tadeusz, C.M.F.