Community Development

The Claretian Associates provide more than 250 units of affordable senior and multi-family housing, which are developed, owned, or managed directly by people in need!

Claretian Associates

These projects are truly important because we’re a thriving community. We want people to be able to live here and thrive here.

– Angela Hurlock, Executive Director of Claretian Associates

St. Jude League Community Development is dedicated to helping people improve their daily lives through community development programs. We focus on supporting Claretian-led programs that work to create safe neighborhoods where people can live with dignity and care for one another, even amid the many urban challenges in high-poverty areas.

Successful community development starts by accompanying, welcoming and greeting others with a friendly “hello.” It is essential to enter into conversations of purpose about why people should care for their communities. The needs of our communities are many, so we collaborate with a wide range of programs to serve various age and language groups. We engage local leaders and provide leadership development programs to mentor new leaders in the neighborhood. Programs we support encompass housing, sports, community building, and violence prevention. These programs foster healthy role models, involvement in positive community activities, and access to an environment that promotes constructive coping skills.

The results are profound and, at times, miraculous: Violence rates drop, school attendance rates increase, and more people live with hope.