Hope-Full Solutions

January 21, 2023—Hope eNews

Housing insecurity is a tragic and heartbreaking reality which has spread beyond urban neighborhoods to include suburban and rural communities. It is a difficult and complex issue that requires smart and intentional problem solving and considerable resources.

SJLCD is proud to support Claretian Associates (CA), an innovator and leader in offering solutions to solve systemic issues in housing insecurity and its challenging causes and symptoms.

Located in South Chicago, CA’s mission is focused primarily on creating housing security and secondarily, addressing related needs including health, income, and education. CA offers measurable impact in a high need community by focusing their work on proven successes in 1) Housing; 2) Convening around critical issues and 3) Violence prevention.

CA’s solutions are centered on key principles that guide community building and investment. Programs offer safe, quality, affordable housing, but also to provide high-impact related services which support families as they work to achieve their goals to be self-sustaining and build on their quality of life. These include:
• Affordable Housing for Families & Seniors;  
• Access to Social and Health Services for Seniors & Families; 
• Youth and Leadership Development through Workforce Development Skill Building and Training;
• Safety through Violence Prevention Programs;
• Housing and Financial Counseling; Environmental Awareness;
• Food Security.

We’re grateful to recognize the generosity of an anonymous couple whose $50,000 contribution to Claretian Associations provides 1) vital resources to help guide people living in dire housing insecurity to safe emergency and transitional housing and 2) create a subsidy fund to be able to assist the most vulnerable at-risk families with access needed housing and services.

Organizations like Claretian Associates are the “behind the scenes” miracle workers changing the world we live in for the better. They are the “hope generators” whose ministry’s success depends on the support of the community of St. Jude. Make Claretian Associates the organization you watch, follow and support in this year’s Hope Challenge!