Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

February 4, 2023—Hope lives at Claret Center

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In challenging times, life can be overwhelming and hope on very short supply. Mix in to each day coping with the global Covid-19 pandemic, inflation and the news cycle and it’s a wonder we’re manage at all.

SJLCD is proud to support vital work of the Claret Center in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The Center is founded on the mission to provide resources to encourage, nurture, and engage the mystery of the human journey through the practices of psychotherapy, spiritual direction, body therapies, and related educational experiences.

Founded in 1978 by Marty Kirk, C.M.F., member of the Claretian Missionaries and Mary Ellen Moore, member of the Society of Helpers, the Claret Center stands out as a pioneer in the holistic support for both personal and spiritual growth.

Guided by principles including broad and deep professionalism and a spirit of welcome to all, therapists, spiritual directors, and body-centered practitioners are dedicated to excellence and steeped in an ethic of personal concern and professional growth.

The work of Claret Center can be empowering and life-changing for all who enter. Goals can be achieved, life-courses changed, transformation and healing can take place. Join us in supporting the reimagined journeys of the people in the care of Claret Center. Your generosity has direct and meaningful impact on Claret Center’s continued and sustained mission.