About Us

Community Development in High-Poverty Urban Neighborhoods.
St. Jude League Community Development connects donors and volunteers with individual programs operated by the Claretian Missionaries in the United States and Canada. We support a network of unique, local programs that address poverty, violence, and hunger at the neighborhood level… Run by people who live in the communities.


What is St. Jude League Community Development?

St. Jude League Community Development is a network of community development programs in high-poverty urban neighborhoods across North America. Our goal is to end the generational cycle of poverty and violence in these at-risk communities through programs that provide academic support, teach job and life skills, foster local leadership development, and expand young people’s horizons.


Our programs address multiple issues simultaneously because they are designed and run by Claretians and lay staff who live in the communities as neighbors and partners. They are well aware of the complexity and the overlap of the people’s challenges. This unique approach to building stronger communities means that St. Jude League Community Development programs have the flexibility and agility to meet the complex and changing needs of the people they serve.

Who are the Claretians?


The Claretians are a congregation of Catholic priests and brothers committed to social justice who work to improve people’s lives by addressing the very real secular problems of their communities. Originally founded in Vic, Spain, in 1849, the Claretians have served in the U.S. since 1902 and have a long history in ministering to high-poverty urban and high-poverty Latino communities.

The Claretians established the St. Jude League in 1929 to be a nonprofit organization of lay professionals committed to expanding and supporting Claretian programs. The League has a long history of effective, audited financial management of donated funds and manages all donations to ensure each reaches the donor’s designation. The League also ensures that every  donation to St. Jude League Community Development goes directly to the programs in the neighborhoods.

Historical Timeline of SJL Community Development