Readers’ Stories of Hope

July 21, 2023— Aura’s Story

 Here’s Aura Story of Hope:

I completed all my primary, high school, and had no money to continue my college education. I wanted to study medicine. Fortunately my dad had a lot of friends with people that are rich. One of those friends, the richest person in Colombia, talked to my dad. She called me to her house and gave me a package that contain a full scholarship to study in the Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. A friend gave me a St. Jude Prayer Card. Pray to him and he will help you.

After working two years in Juan de Dios hospital in Bogota Colombia, the director of the Hospital saw potential between 5 candidates. I was very well in English, I applied for the position and got the job. When I started working here in the United States I got a opportunity to work in the Cook County Hospital. I worked there for two years with nurses from all over the world. Out of the 25 nurses I was the only one they offer a job. I worked 26 years in the Cook County Hospital where I retired.

I was able to help my brothers and sisters in Colombia for them to finish their careers. They’re doctors, nurses, teachers, Engineers, etc. I was able to bring my mother to live here with me. I help my three nephews continue their college careers. I am planning to spread the devotion in Colombia. I already have the Statue and its going to be inaugurated in October with the Novena of St. Jude. I already have an appointment with Fr. Mark this coming Wednesday to discuss the plans to spread the devotion. – Aura

Let’s keep the inspiration going. Tell us a story that gave you hope or share an inspiring hopeful journey you took/taking!


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