Creating Future Leaders

January 19, 2024 — Instilling Values for a Better Future

Kids are our future, there’s no doubt about it. Helping tomorrow’s leaders develop and strengthen the skills needed to realize their potential is a leading focus of Claretian-led schools and youth programs.

Time and again, private and publicly funded studies demonstrate that initiatives which focus on youth development through community service, creativity, imagination, leadership and empowerment statistically grow high school graduation rates and college enrollment by participants. St. Jude League believes in the value of these programs and supports the Claretian-led schools where they’re found.

Our Lady of Guadalupe school hosts a program where high school students from partner schools participate in a unique kind of work study initiative. The program gives the high school students a chance to learn what it takes to form successful work collaborations with children and adults. OLG students get an up-close and personal example of activities that can help them achieve and grow, giving them a glimpse at how change and growth can be an exciting part of their futures.

San Gabriel Mission Elementary School follows their core mission to help develop each child’s full potential through initiatives like their Schoolwide Learning Expectations program. Students were recently challenged to create a variety of different types of structures that had to be able to stand on their own – using only two materials – toothpicks and dots! Challenging the students is a great way to awaken their strategic thinking skills and exercise their problem-solving skill set.

Secondary school Collège Clarétain in Canada offers students a vibrant, diversified, and creative learning and living environment to address the changing needs of today’s youth and their families. Collège Clarétain’s daily classes, organized sports, and focused study schedule are all directed decisively towards the achievement and well-being of its students. In March, ten teenage students will take a humanitarian trip to Peru to offer their services to several communities in great need. This community service initiative, often fulfilled by students locally, is a remarkable way for students to build a new understanding and informed perspective on the connectedness and oneness of the world we call home.

Our Claretian-led schools and programs take pride in teaching and strengthening values in the youth that can shape their and our future for the better.

The League is blessed to be able to fund these important projects, and we are grateful to our donors who join us in supporting us in our efforts to bring about these unique opportunities for profound change. Help us continue to support their journey to success!


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