Cameroon Clean Water Appeal

We all need WATER to survive—to drink, to bathe, to grow food without risking disease. Water is an essential human necessity.

St. Jude League Community Development is directly making a difference in the lives of these refugees. Because of you, they have a chance at a safe, healthy future.

– Fr. Carl Quebedeaux, Shelter Administrator

Our ask is three-fold:

  1. View the interview with Fr. Jude below to hear directly from him about this Claretian ministry,
  2. Please take the time to review the shelter budget (click here) and consider how you might make a personal impact and
  3. Support the Clean Water mission in Cameroon knowing you will have lasting and profound impact on this Claretian ministry.

Please know how grateful we are for your consideration and support. Your generosity and support is the very fire St. Jude’s hope delivers the needy time and time again. Thank you in advance for your continued example and support.

Yours in Hope,

Fr. Mark Brummel, Director

Be part of the future for residents of Cameroon’s Claretian Mission!